Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sarah H. Paulson's
"Foot to mouth: ONE minus one"

7:00 - 9:00 pm
2-hour performance  "Foot to mouth: ONE minus one
Performers:  Corey Bliss, Erin Jones, Yasamin Keshtkar, Marissa Mickelberg, Nancy H. Paulson, Susie Paulson, Emily Poole, Angela Vitacolonna, and Stephanie Waddell
People can enter and exit any time throughout the 2 hour piece. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sarah H. Paulson,"Your Point Will Change..." October 8 - November 7, 2010

Your point will change...
(recent performative drawings by Sarah H. Paulson)
October 8 - November 7, 2010

About the exhibition:
Alice Chilton Gallery will present Sarah H. Paulson's latest body of performative drawings. The exhibition will feature Paulson's Orgasm Drawings, which document the time and quality of the artist's orgasms via delicate non-linear markings. Also displayed will be works from the Doily Series in which found doilies are paired with Paulson's menstrual blood.  
An ongoing 2-hour performance will take place on Friday, October 15, 7-9pm atACG Gallery.

Sarah H. Paulson lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Her practice remains focused on The Performative. She creates drawings using her feet, or other body parts, and relies on environmental circumstances to dictate the duration of the act of mark-making. Such circumstances include the length of a song on the radio, the time it takes to reach orgasm, the movement of a dancing body on the television, or the length of time the artist can refrain from breathing, to name a few. 

Currently, she is working on the Doily Series in which she uses her blood as an autobiographical instrument. In using found doilies, she recycles the homemade decorative fabric of what others created and later abandoned. These works are a gathering of the discarded and eliminated and an homage to single moments within a cycle.

As she archives personal experience, Paulson allows the boundaries and overlaps between past and present, sexual encounters, human interaction, violence, power, and public vs. private to surface. The works serve as documents of these private, or semi-private, performances.

Paulson also collaborates with Holly Faurot on large-scale, endurance-oriented performance artworks that exist between the realms of performance art and dance. Their work has been performed internationally in galleries/venues including NYCAMS (NY Center for Art & Media Studies), NY; English Kills Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, NY; NurtureArt, Brooklyn, NY; The Chocolate Factory Theater, Brooklyn, NY; P.I.T. (Projects In Transit), Brooklyn, NY; EXIT ART, NY; the Harold Clurman Center for New Works in Movement and Dance Theatre at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting, NY; Open Art Gallery, Beijing, China, among others. 

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Photographs from the opening reception of He Chengyao Exhibition

Just a selection of photographs taken at the Opening Reception to the solo performance photography exhibition of He Chengyao at Alice Chilton Gallery, Willimasburg, Brooklyn.
The Gallery would like to thanks Jennifer, Myk Henry, Daniel & Kaye from the Front Room Gallery and Sebastián Hau-Walker for their help in the hanging and maintenance of the Gallery prior to the show's opening.