Friday, April 9, 2010

Our Dream House: OPENING Friday April 16 8pm to 10pm

Our Dream House
Exhibition of Installation Performance Art
Reception Opening: FRIDAY, April 16

Cooperation by Artists between Elinor Famutimi and Katherine Freer

The form of dollhouse evokes sweet, candy-colored ideals; minimally functional suggestions of perfection. A translation of wonder and possibility in a compartmentalized world. It is, perhaps, the structural representation of a child's mind. Eventually, this child grows and, subsequently, outgrows its scaled surroundings and takes that wonder to the outside. There, whether it lives or dies, it is always met with notions that, by contrast to the pure whimsy of the dollhouse, are grim in their truth, horrifying in their injustice. A sobering inevitability. But what would happen if as we grew, the comfortable confines of our dollhouse followed?

Our Dream House introduces audiences to a man-sized toy home. The installation, viewed in cross-section, provides refuge from a harsh, frenzied, giant media world that rages just beyond. This oversized dollhouse space is held to the same suggestive minimalism as its mini counterpart. When the environment activated, the house unsettles and unfolds, revealing itself and its living doll tenant. The room captures the life of a child’s imagination.

Elinor Famutimi creates habitat installations and other space-related pieces. Recent work includes the Star Ceiling (The Sky Is The Limit, February 2010), Sharing! (Media Lounge, December 2009), The Snoop Project (Brooklyn Artillery, Autumn 2009). Elinor is based in New York City.

Katherine Freer is a New York City-based video artist. In her work she explores the overlap of art, technology, and the physical world. Recent works include Remembering Mr. Maugham (The Clurman Theater, 2010), Flight (Media Lounge, December 2009), DNA (Hammond Museum, 2009).