Sunday, September 12, 2010

He Chengyao: This is it! Performance Photography- Solo Exhibition

Press Release:

He Chungyao [Beijing, China]- 
Performance Photography Exhibition, New York.

Open every Friday, Saturday & Sunday 1pm till 6pm.

Alice Chilton Gallery cordially invites you to attend the reception and solo photography exhition of He Chengyao: This is it: Expression in the Works of female performance Chinese Artist. Please join us on Friday, September 10th from 7- 9 PM
He Chungyao graduated from Arts Education Department at Sichuan Academy of Fine Art 1989, Chongqing, and lives and works in Beijing, China. He Chunayao is one of the fine examples of female Chinese contemporary artists in Chinese contemporary art history. From her works we can see how truly she relates what happened in her past has affected how she lives now. Through her works we can see how the changes of the last 30 years in China has affected how Chinese women live their lives in their country; in comparison with the different lives of women on the other side of the world. Let's give more love and care to the lower powerful people who live in the same world with us together.

In my live art and photography work of the past few years, I have been using art as a healing process, like the concept of spiritual catharsis in psychology. I use my own life story as my material, and starting with my family’s past I place my body and experiences into the work. I express this by changing into my mother as I imagined her as a child, reenacting painful memories in order to release suppressed pain and thereby purifying myself. The work explores how art can act as a healing agent, and at the same time attempts to discover the body’s material transformation from the past till the present. On the one hand my work is concerned with feminist issues, and explores the use of different materials to present these issues. On the other hand, I try to use process based interactive methods in my live art to give audiences different kinds of experiences, and to convey how the material and immaterial worlds can coexist within the context of personal and conceptual interaction.

In the autobiographical series: "Opens the Great Wall", "Mother And I", "Great Wall Magnolia - Mother And I", "99 Needles" clearly share the theme of treatment and subsequent redemption. The use of and so on the works, use the change foot color under the present background, repeats in the mind in the childhood time mother impression, utilizes by the behavior art way practice psychologist in the mental healing spirit leads releases the concept, and inquires into the body in the past and in the present field territory and the time significance. Selects the feminine naked method another part. If "Tree of the Nature", "Fish Woman" and so on, involves eradicates the taboo. In challenge male construction feminine image as well as husband authority and legality to feminine bodily right to independence standard and moral imprisonment. "On Road" attempts to demonstrate the limited material in the infinite time and the spatial existence.

Alice Chiltern Gallery is run by Jill McDermid & Erik Hokanson who also run Grace Exhibition Space, 840 Broadway, Bushwick Brooklyn.
Alice Chilton Gallery is located inside Front Room Gallery- 147 Roebling Street, Brooklyn, ny 11211.
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