Saturday, June 19, 2010

June 17-20 Update!

Artist Myk Henry had an interview, photo shoot, and filming of his Jolt! retrospective at Alice Chilton Gallery today.  

Henry explains his thought processes and intention behind his pieces as he gives a brief tour of the gallery space.  This is an in depth view of the artist's major works as well as into the artist himself.  Both interview and video are in the process of editing. They will be shared upon completion!

Also in the works:

Alice Chilton Gallery is proud to announce the He Chengyao exhibition will be opening in September!

He Chengyao is a Bejing based artist, one of the few women performance artist in China today.  Although at first an oil painter, Chengyao has moved onto the performance as her medium to focus on the themes of feminism in a male-dominated nation, mental illness and family, and nudity remaining a controversial subject in China, among other social issues.


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