Monday, February 15, 2010

Alice Chilton Gallery is extremely proud to present the first solo exhibition of performance photographs in New York, of Chinese artist Zhu Ming – an artist who has been extremely important to the development of performance art in contemporary China.

Growing-up in China after the Cultural Revolution, Zhu Ming finds peace and tranquility in his bubbles – large inflatable sculptures within which one can sit and contemplate, float along the water or stand firm in a desert, creating a zone of isolation.

Zhu Ming moved to Beijing after high school, and immediately entered into performance art. One day, when he was doing laundry, he saw the bubbles from the detergent, and had the epiphany that these bubbles would be the source of his work. He sees the bubbles, which exist and quickly disappear, as a metaphor for life, from one generation to another.

“Zhu Ming’s personal and poignant ‘ bubble art ‘ reminds us all that at times illusion and reality do co-exist. Isolation can indeed be found amid chaos, and that all of life is in a constant state of transition. Expressed through the human body and physical action, performance art will most certainly continue to be one of the most important vehicles available to contemporary artists.”

2.10. 2010
Wang Hua. Curator of Contemporary Chinese Art

The Alice Chilton Gallery is run by Jill McDermid, Director of the Grace Exhibition Space for live Performance Art:


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